Crispy Rotisserie Chicken

There are hundreds of different ways of roasting a rotisserie chicken. I am not bold enough to say that I have the best rotisserie chicken recipe at this point but I do have a nice starting point for you!

A perfect rotisserie chicken is going to be moist and flavorful on the inside with beautiful crispy skin on the outside. I do not bother with marinades or fancy paste rubs as they never really penetrate through the meat. To make my rotisserie chicken juicy I simply cheat by injecting it with a little under a cup of liquid the night before grilling. My favorite injection at the moment is Fat Free Creole Butter by Cajun Injections. Seriously great stuff that works wonders on pork loins as well. You can inject the breast in a couple places, the thighs, legs and even the wings. This bird had no choice other than to be exploding with flavor.

For a rub I use a simple mix of black pepper and Lawry’s seasoned salt. After the bird is injected and rubbed, get the bird on the spit, insert the forks deeply and truss the guy up. Don’t let the idea of trussing a bird freak you out; it is NOT hard. I use four pieces of butchers twine; one to tie the legs together, two to hold the wings against the breasts and one to snug up the legs/thighs. Trussing only takes about three minutes and makes a HUGE difference in how your bird turns out.

The next trick is figuring how how to set the burners on your Weber Genesis. I have tried many different configurations and what works best for me is to have the front and back burner set to Medium with the middle burner off.

If I have both burners set to High the skin gets burnt before the chicken is done. I have had pretty good luck just using the back burner set on High and the other two burners off but it takes about an hour longer.

Once you are set up, simply close the lid and let the bird spin for an hour and a half. I pull the chicken when it reaches an internal temperature of 170F in the breast.