Weber Rotisserie Eye of Round Roast

Here is another big hunk of meat you can roast on your Weber kettle rotisserie, a beef eye of round roast.

(Update 12/31/13..this post was my first attempt at rotisserie roast beef and it was okay but not great.  Here is a much better technique!)

Round Roast

I started with an eye of round roast that weighed in at a little over 4 pounds.  I coated the beef with a little it of yellow mustard to help the rub adhere and then coated liberally with Montreal Steak Seasoning.  The beef warmed on the counter for 40 minutes while I puttered around the house and got the grill ready.

I ran the rotisserie spit through the beef, tightened up the forks and didn’t bother trussing.  I get lazy like that sometimes.

Weber Rotisserie Beef Roast

I had planned on cooking this slowly like I did with the bone in pork roast.  However in the middle of getting stuff ready I was informed that we were having an impromptu party and dinner need to be ready a lost faster than what I was thinking.  Instead of having a single bank of charcoal I used a charcoal basket of Kingsford on either side of the rotisserie and added a few chunks of hickory.

I let the roast spin for a little over an hour and wished I had taken the time to truss it.  The beef had contracted from the hot and fast cook with the middle of the roast swelling up a little.  The two ends of the beef were reading 137F and 152F while the middle was reading 110F.  If I had taken the time to truss and had the time to cook it slowly (single charcoal basket, two hours) it would have cooked much more evenly.

Weber Rotisserie Eye of Round Roast

All said it turned out great.  I took the beef off the kettle and let it rest on the rotisserie spit for 20 minutes.  I sliced the roast up real thin (round roasts don’t ever get tender) and created two plates of beef, Medium Rare and Medium Well.  Given the mix of folks that showed up that worked out perfect.

Here are some other ideas for cooking a round roast on a rotisserie.

From Grilling Companion

From Grilling 24×7


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